Joseph Montgomery

Born in 1979, Northhampton, MA

Lives and works in New York, United States. 


2007 MFA Hunter College

2001 BA, Yale University, New Haven, CT


Mahler & Lewitt Studios, Spoleto, IT

Non Objectif Sud, Tulette, FR 

Billytown, The Hague, NL


Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN 

The Capital Group, Los Angeles, CA

 Centraal Museum, Utrecht, Netherlands

The work of Joseph Montgomery has the structure and syntax of sculpture, but it simultaneously has all the trappings of painting: wood, canvas, various types of coating and paint. The blurring and confounding of classification lends it a strange sense of hybridity. Joseph Montgomery’s expansion of abstract painting results in three distinctive, generative types of painting: collages, shims, and monotypes. Simultaneous to the two person exhibition Wrecked Angle with Rosy Keyser at Ceysson & Bénétière Montgomery will present a site specific installation of wallpaper and digital animation at NADA House on Governor’s Island. Keyser and Montgomery will present a zine to accompany Wrecked Angle with text by Dana Goodyear and published by Lie Lay Lain, LLC.

Joseph Montgomery (1979, Northampton, MA, USA) lives and works in New York. Recent solo exhibitions include Pigpen Dispossessed at Galleri Urbane, Joe at Dürst Britt & Mayhew, Via degli Eremiti at CAR DRDE in Bologna, DOLLS (with Sherrie Levine) at Paula Cooper Gallery, Heads, Calves at Laurel Gitlen, Doll Index at Peter Blum Gallery and Five Sets Five Reps at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA). His work was also shown in the seminal group exhibition Painter Painter at The Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis alongside Rosy Keyser, where they met. Work by Montgomery is held in private and public collections, including the Centraal Museum Utrecht and The Walker Art Centre. 

Group shows at Ceysson Gallery
Wrecked Angle, New York
June 18 - July 30, 2021



Pigpen Dispossessed, Galleri Urbane, Dallas, TX

NADA House (forthcoming May), Dürst, Britt & Mayhew, New York, NY

Wrecked Angle: Rosy Keyser and Joseph Montgomery (forthcoming June), Ceysson & Bénétière, New York, NY

Untitled (forthcoming November), CAR DRDE, Bologna, Italy 


Arco Madrid, CAR DRDE, Madrid, Spain 


Joe, Dürst, Britt & Mayhew, The Hague, Netherland

Destijlife: Grocery Signs, Rubin & Chapelle, New York, NY

Joseph Montgomery & Achille Perilli: Miart Generations, CAR DRDE, Milan, Italy


Via Degli Eremiti, CAR DRDE, Bologna, Italy Independent Brussels, Dürst, Britt & Mayhew, Brussels, Belgium 


CODE, Dürst, Britt & Mayhew, Copenhagen, Denmark 


Rules For Coyote, Dürst, Britt & Mayhew, The Hague, Netherlands 

DOLLS, Sherrie Levine and Joseph Montgomery, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, NY 

Art Rotterdam, Dürst, Britt & Mayhew, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands 


Doll Index, Peter Blum Gallery, New York, NY Heads, Calves, Laurel Gitlen, New York, NY 


Five Sets Five Reps, MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA


Velveteen, Laurel Gitlen, New York, NY 2011 

Curating the Contemporary: Joseph Montgomery and Ned Vena, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel, Switzerland


Lie lay lain; Lay laid laid, Laurel Gitlen, New York, NY



Skroderider, A Lie Lay Lain Production (forthcoming September), Billytown Kitchen, The Hague, Netherlands 


Summer Collective, Galleri Urbane, Dallas, TX Vèf Jaah!, Dürst, Britt & Mayhew, The Hague, Netherlands


The odd uneven time, Dürst, Britt & Mayhew, The Hague, Netherlands 

Bodybuilding, Dürst, Britt & Mayhew, The Hague, Netherlands 


“this is off the wall”, CAR DRDE, Bologna, IT

Good Old New Place, Cuevas Tilleard, New York, NY 

Conversation Between A Mirror And The Sea, Fourteen 30 Contemporary, Portland, OR

Alicia McCarthy, Joseph Montgomery, Brian Sharp, Jesse Willenbring, Non Objectif Sud, Tulette, France 

The Assembled Painting, SUNY Westchester Fine Arts Gallery, Valhalla, NY 


Becoming the Image: Jessica Mein, Joseph Montgomery, Patricia Treib, projects at fifteen, Tel Aviv, Israel 

The Air Is An Absence Held, Ray Smith Studio, Brooklyn, NY 

Casting Couch, Billytown, The Hague, Netherlands 

Black/White, Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe, New York, NY 


OK Great Thanks This Is So Ridiculous, ACME, Los Angeles, CA 

Roving Room, Habersham Mills, Demorset, GA 

Black/White, LaMontagne Gallery, Boston, MA 



Painter painter, The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN        

DNA: Strands of Abstraction, Loretta Howard Gallery, New York 

The Made-up Shrimp Hardly Enlightens Some Double Kisses, Laurel Gitlen, New York

 An Annotated Exhibition, Hilary Crisp, London 


Creature from the Blue Lagoon, curated by Bob Nickas, Martos Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY

What is the use of being a boy if you are going to grow up to be a man, curated by Alexander Mayhew, Annie Gentils Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium 

Into the Surface, Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy 


The 2011 Bridgehampton Biennial, curated by Bob Nickas, Bridgehampton, NY (catalogue) 


Looking Back: The Fifth White Columns Annual, curated by Bob Nickas, White Columns, New York, NY

Meet Me at the Bottom of the Pool, Martos Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY 


Cave Painting 2, Gresham’s Ghost, New York, NY 

To the left of the rising sun, Small A Projects, Greenwich, NY 


Wu-Tang/Googolplex, Gavin Brown’s enterprise @ Passerby, New York, NY 

Unfathom, Max Protetch, New York, NY 

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